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  • Will there be parking?
    Yes. Each unit will come with two designated parking spaces. There is 43’ of open space for parking for each unit.
  • Will rentals be allowed?
    Rentals are allowed; however, according to the Town of Morehead City, rentals must be kept at a week or more. Weekend rentals are not permitted.
  • What are Promise Land Cottages' annual HOA dues? What does it cover?
    HOA: $650/quarter (managed by Morgan Ballou of Chambers Coastal Realty) HOA includes: Master insurance policy including all units Property taxes on common areas Casualty/liability insurance on common areas Management fees Landscaping maintenance Exterior building maintenance Pest treatment/extermination Legal/accounting Parking area maintenance Common areas maintenance Brick privacy wall maintenance Property/liability insurance (flood not required, interior contents not included) *Any change less than 15% of the total will not be considered a material change to this offer to purchase.
  • Is there a capital reserve fee?
    Yes. $300 per unit.
  • What is projected completion date?
    Building #1: Approx. April 2021 Building #2: Approx. August 2021 *Completion dates dependent on builder supply. Typically, completion date is six months after the pad is poured.
  • Will there be privacy from Arendell Street?
    Yes! A brick barrier wall (in an oyster pearl brick) will run parallel to Arendell Street between Unit 1 and the road. It will be 70’ long, 6’ high and 4' thick. It will start 15’ from the 13th St side and go to 15’ from back alley. This wall will serve as a SIGNIFICANT buffer between Promise Land Cottages and the street.
  • Will the front yard be fenced?
    Yes! The front yard of each unit will be fully surrounded with a white picket fence. In addition, there will be a latched gate on each pergola/arbor entrance to leave open for free flow of guests or to close to ensure privacy and full enclosure. A great perk if you have playful kids or active dogs in tow!
  • Will there be a back yard or patio area?
    No, there will be two parking spaces per unit located in the back, along with a small entrance area. You will not be able to build any structure (i.e. patio, hot tub, etc.) in the back parking area.
  • Who is the builder?
    Sammy Ballou and his team at S.F. Ballou Construction Company are building the townhomes at Promise Land Cottages. Sammy has an extensive portfolio of residential and commercial buildings in Carteret County, including the new coastal cottages at the AB Circle, AB Surf Shop, Seaside Villas in Pine Knoll Shores, Cottages at Bay Ridge, and more. Sammy and his team have been dedicated to quality construction here on the coast for over 30 years.
  • Can I see some more detailed floor plans?
    Yes! Please see below.
  • Are interior structures/contents covered by the master insurance? For example, if the carpet or drywall were to be damaged by wind-driven rain, is this something the master policy would cover?"
    The policy will include wind driven rain coverage for the interests of the association which would include drywall and carpet. Likewise, the unit owner should purchase an HO6 policy that includes coverage for wind driven rain for their contents and any improvements they make inside the unit. Personal property is not covered.
  • Are there options for upgrades to the interior finishes?
    Each unit will be finished out the same. Finishes are outlined HERE. If the buyer chooses to change anything, it will require a change order.
  • Are buyers able to choose the interior paint color?
    Each unit will have Sherwin Williams Gossamer Veil as their interior paint color. Should they choose to change it, the upgrade cost will be $250.00. In addition, should they choose more than one color, each color will be an additional $250.00.
  • What will buyers put down when they go under contract?
    $5,000 earnest money deposit at the time of contract, refundable for any reason or no reason until the end of the due diligence period, which will be 30 days following the contract date. At the end of due diligence, an additional $10,000 earnest money will be collected and held in a trust account until the time of closing.
  • Will there be additional storage for beach supplies outside?
    Yes! There will be a storage closet next to the back entrance to store sandy chairs, boogie boards, towels, beach toys and anything else you'd like to keep outside!

Make Promise Land Cottages your home.

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